Refresh Valet

Refresh valet

This valet will Refresh your vehicle back to a good respectable professional  standard.


This package takes around 2 hours depending on size and condition of the vehicle.

For Vehicles that are more heavily soiled then this valet will not be suitable, please select our deep clean package. 

What You Can Expect To Receive From Our Refresh Valet

Exterior pre wash including  door shuts 

Exterior safe wash including  door shuts 

Wheels , tyres & arch clean  

– Tar removal 

– Dried with plush paint safe towel 

Tyres & arches dressed 

– Paint protection applied , last’s 8 weeks 

– Interior & exterior glass cleaned  

– Rubbish removed 

– Interior Vacuum including  boot if empty  

– Matts cleaned 

– Interior surfaces cleansed & refreshed 

– Fragrance 

Fiat 500 small detail valets


Fiat 500 , Audi A1 Size 


ford focus medium detail valets


Ford Focus, Audi A4 Size 


range rover large detail valets


Range Rover , Audi A8 Size 


pick up truck extra large detail valets


Pick ups , Ford Transit  Size 


what is the refresh valet?

The refresh valet is our entry level valet which is designed to refresh your vehicles interior and exterior bringing it back to a good professional standard and includes all the essentials to get your car looking great. 

This is not suitable for vehicles that are more heavily soiled and need more time and attention, this is where our deep clean package comes in.