Terms & conditions

In order to receive a high quality service we only ask that you be a top quality customer, and please respect our policies and terms of business. 

Detail Valets is a mobile service at your home or workplace.  


All secure bookings are deposit based , and bookings are not confirmed until a deposit has been paid. Deposits are paid via the booking software / payment provider Detail Valets use or direct payment to Detail Valets via bank transfer. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit amount will be 50% of the total amount of the service booked. Detail Valets within 48 hrs of  booking will gladly alter your booking to another nominated person, providing the location is within our service area and all other terms and conditions are met.



We accept payment by cash, bank transfer or card payment.   All payments are due on the day of completion of our services after deduction of any deposit paid .  An invoice can be  provided upon request.  


The customer should remove all of their belongings from their car before any type of valet. Detail Valets  will not accept liability for loss or damage to any items that are left in the vehicle which need to be removed. 

The customer will be responsible for removing and refitting child seats.


Please notify us if there is damage to your car internally or externally that I would need to be careful of when completing the service for example; dash plastics loose, carpets loose, badges loose, paint peel etc. Detail Valets will not accept liability if any further damage  caused. 


Your booking time is a estimate -sometimes we have multiple jobs on during the day so if our first job takes longer than expected it can have a knock on effect for the next booking times. 

The duration time to complete a service is an estimate; it may take less/more time than first expected.  


We may take photos or videos of your vehicle for use on our website or social media blogs etc.  Please be assured, we always block out number plates before posting.  If you would prefer not to have your vehicle photographed, please let us know before we start your valet.



In the event of unprecedented traffic delays or any other unexpected incidents / emergencies, Detail Valets may have to cancel or rearrange your booking. If this is the case , it will be within 14 days of the original booking. I not a full refund of the deposit will be honoured.   


Upon booking you will be asked to read these terms and conditions, with doing so you agree to our terms of business. 

A failure to pay for our services carried out will result in legal action being taken. A missed booking or payment is a missed wage, we will not fall victim to a loss in time or pay under any circumstances.