Ceramic Coating enhancement package

Ceramic Coating Enhancement Package

If your looking to improve the gloss and clarity of yours car paint work then this package is for you 

Designed to remove light swirl marks and minor imperfections in the paint, commonly caused by cheap car washing  

This is also a great option for protecting a new vehicle 

This package will also allow you to take advantage of our Maintenance Plan to keep your vehicle looking great all year round at less cost for you   

* Please Note you will need to select the interior deep clean option if you wish to go onto the maintenance plan.*

This package takes between 8- 12 hours depending on size and condition of the vehicle.

All our Ceramic Coating packages are protected with a 7 year , 10h hardness ceramic coating with warranty 

What You Can Expect To Receive From Our Starter Ceramic Coating Package 

Exterior pre wash including  door shuts to remove as much road grime as possible before any contact wash.

Exterior 2 bucket safe wash including  door shuts  and feather brushing for the more intricate areas. 

– Complete wheel , tyres & arch deep cleaned and decontaminated

– Exhaust tips will undergo the same process as the wheels at the same time.  

– A further decontamination & wash to remove embeded iron & tar deposits. 

– Tar removal to remove the final remnants left over from the previous decontamination process

– clay barring 

– Dried with plush paint safe towel 

– Single stage machine polish to remove minor defects and swirl marks, removes around 70% of these defects  

– Gloss stage of machine polishing to really ramp up the gloss of your vehicles paint work 

– Windows Polished in preparation for glass ceramic coating 

– Full exterior wipe down with panel wipe in preparation for the ceramic coating 

– Ceramic coating applied to seal and protect 

Tyres & arches dressed with long lasting coating 

Add Ons

£80 – Interior Deep clean 

£100 – Leather ceramic coating applied to all seats and leather areas of the interior 

£150 – Full interior protection package , ceramic coating applied to all leather and plastic areas of the interior , 

Fabric protection applied to all fabric / carpet areas of the interior. 

   £40 – Headlight Restoration 

* Please note the leather ceramic coating protection add on and the full interior protection package will require you to select the interior deep clean first. *



Fiat 500 small detail valets


Fiat 500 , Audi A1 Size 


ford focus medium detail valets


Ford Focus, Audi A4 Size 


range rover large detail valets


Range Rover, Audi A8 Size 


pick up truck extra large detail valets


Pick ups , Ford Transit  Size 


What is our ceramic coating enhancement package?

This package is a combination of a full exterior decontamination, paint correction and ceramic coating application all in one making your vehicles paint really pop and shine. 

The decontamination part removes all the dirt and grime and any fallout embedded in the vehicles paint making the paint nice and smooth and clean. 

The paint correction part removes any light swirls , marks and minor imperfections in the paint, it is usually around 70 to 80 percent removal of these marks. This gives your vehicles paint more clarity, depth and shine . 

The ceramic coating part is the application of our 10h 7 year durability ceramic coating which adds protection to the paint keeping it looking amazing for longer and protects all the work carried out. 

You will really have the best paint and shiniest vehicle on your street and you will really be the envy of your neighbours. 

This package will also qualify you for our Maintenance Valet keeping your vehicle looking amazing.