The Deep Clean Valet

The Deep Clean

This package is a complete overhaul of your vehicle from the exterior to the interior and comes with 12 months paint protection as standard.

This valet will also allow you to take advantage of our Maintenance Plan to keep your vehicle looking great all year round at less cost for you. 

The Maintenance Plan maintains our deep clean standard going forward, removing the need for additional deep cleans. 

All our deep clean packages are protected with a Graphene sealent, which last 12 months.

You are more than welcome to upgrade this to our  ultimate ceramic coating the 10H 7 year with warranty. 

This package takes around 4 hours depending on size and condition of the vehicle.

What You Can Expect To Receive From Our Deep Clean Package

Exterior pre wash including  door shuts to remove as much road grime as possible before any contact wash.

Exterior 2 bucket safe wash including  door shuts  and feather brushing for the more intricate areas. 

– Full engine bay deep clean and decontamination , followed by dressings for the best finish. 

– Complete wheel , tyres & arch deep cleaned and decontaminated

– Exhaust tips will undergo the same process as the wheels at the same time.  

– A further decontamination & wash to remove embeded iron & tar deposits. 

– Tar removal to remove the final remnants left over from the previous decontamination process

– Dried with plush paint safe towel 

– Windows Polished 

Tyres & arches dressed with long lasting coating 

– Full exterior wipe down with panel wipe in preparation for paint protection  

– Paint protection applied

– Rubbish removed 

– Full detailed Interior Vacuum including boot 

– Carpets & Matts machine cleaned and extracted 

– Upholstery machine cleaned & extracted 

– Full interior steam clean

– All Interior surfaces cleansed 

– Leather deep cleaned and conditioned 

– Interior carpets & upholstery protected 

– Fragrance 

Add Ons

£150 – upgrade to a 10H 7 year ceramic coating 

£100 Leather Ceramic Coating applied to all seats and leather areas of the interior 

£40 – Headlight Restoration 

The Ultimate Protection Package – This includes:

10H 7 year ceramic coating on all of the exterior – including windows 

Leather Ceramic coating on all leather surfaces – if fabric seats then a fabric protectant will be used 

Fabric Protection on carpets , matts and all fabric surfaces 

Ceramic Coating protection on all plastic surfaces 



Fiat 500 small detail valets


Fiat 500 , Audi A1 Size 


ford focus medium detail valets


Ford Focus, Audi A4 Size 


range rover large detail valets


Range Rover, Audi A8 Size 


pick up truck extra large detail valets


Pick ups , Ford Transit  Size 


What is our deep clean package?

This is the daddy of all valets it covers the whole vehicle from top to bottom , inside and out. 

If your vehicle is need of a bit of a overhaul or  you just wanted to get your vehicle to a high standard then this the valet you need . 

The package comes with a 12 month graphene coating as standard but this can be upgraded to our 10h 7 year ceramic coating giving you even more protection.If you wanted to go all out then you have the option to add on our ultimate protection package which will protect the whole vehicle inside and out. 

This package will also qualify you for our Maintenance Valet to keep your vehicle in tip top condition 

If your interested in ceramic coating your vehicle why not check out our Ceramic Coating Enhancement package for some real shine