Maintenance valet

Maintenance plan

Once every 4 to 5 weeks,  we will come & return your vehicle back to the Detail Valets standard. 


To be eligible for the Maintenance Plan your first need to have had one of our other valets, you will then be able to book the Maintenance Plan. 


To continue to have this valet you need to book in every 4 – 5 weeks   

This package takes around 1 hours depending on size and condition of the vehicle.

What You Can Expect To Receive From Our Maintenance Plan  

Exterior pre wash 

Exterior safe wash including  door shuts 

Wheels , tyres & arch clean 

– Dried with plush paint safe towel 

Tyres & arches dressed 

– Tar removal as required 

– Paint protection applied 

– Interior & exterior glass cleaned  

– Rubbish removed 

– Interior Vacuum including boot if empty 

– Interior surfaces cleansed & refreshed 

– Fragrance 

Fiat 500 small detail valets


Fiat 500 , Audi A1 Size 


ford focus medium detail valets


Ford Focus, Audi A4 Size 


range rover large detail valets


Range Rover, Audi A8 Size 


pick up truck extra large detail valets


Pick ups , Ford Transit  Size 


Why a maintenance Valet ?

The Maintenance Valet is designed to look after your vehicle on a regular basis , stopping a build up of dirt and grime and keeping your vehicle looking great all year round . 

By choosing this plan your vehicle will be valeted every 4-5 weeks but the great thing is you also pay less on each valet saving you money. 

To qualify for this valet you must first have one of the following valets Refresh Valet, The Deep clean, Ceramic Coating Enhancement then you can move onto the maintenance plan , but to keep on the plan you need to keep within the 4 – 5 weeks time frame for your valets otherwise you will have to start all over again with one of our other valets.