Wash And Gloss

Wash and Gloss

This is an exterior only valet that will give the exterior of your vehicle a refresh by safely cleaning away the dirt, adding gloss and protection. 

We use multi stage safe wash processes to clean and protect your car to ensure your paintwork dose not get damaged. 

Yes there are cheaper options out there from the local car wash for example but often these places employ improper washing techniques causing scratches and swirl marks to your vehicle, which can be expensive to fix. This is where the was and gloss package comes in. 


This package takes around 1 hour depending on size and condition of the vehicle.

What You Can Expect To Receive From Our Wash And Gloss Valet

Exterior pre wash including  door shuts 

Exterior safe wash including  door shuts 

Wheels , tyres & arch clean  

– Tar removal as required

– Dried with plush paint safe towel 

Tyres & arches dressed 

– Paint protection applied , last’s 8 weeks 

– Interior & exterior glass cleaned  


Fiat 500 small detail valets


Fiat 500 , Audi A1 Size 


ford focus medium detail valets


Ford Focus, Audi A4 Size 


range rover large detail valets


Range Rover , Audi A8 Size 


pick up truck extra large detail valets


Pick ups , Ford Transit  Size 


what is the wash and gloss valet?

The Wash And Gloss Valet is an exterior only valet that uses multi stage safe wash techniques to safley clean and protect your vehicle. This is something that dose not always happen with cheaper alternatives such as the local car wash for example. 

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